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How to look after a shadow dragon

How to look after a baby shadow dragon


Have you ever been chosen to look after a baby shadow dragon? Well if you haven’t read these fantastic 5 impeccable instructions.


What you need!


  1. Shadow cave
  2. A water cauldron and food cauldron
  3. A black bullet leed
  4. Sharp clinging claw clippers
  5. A dark frightful bed
  6. Last but not least a the gloomy collar 


First, create a shadow cave that is near a gloomy enclosed space make sure it’s dark. You will also need a cosy fire pit to keep it warm during the cold times of the year and to keep it entertained.


Secondly, provide an actual caldron filled with drinkable water and food make sure it is in a cauldron or you are really in trouble but I’m sure you form a bond.Bye the way, the food is normal dog food.


Next, collect a black bullet leed that is pure, pure black and also remember a collar you can not use a leed without a collar. P.S the collar is also black.


After, you need a sharp and when i say sharp i mean sharp a shadow dragons claws grow very quick and are very thick. So just remember the word sharp.


Finally, make sure you have a very large, black bullet spider bed that you can only get in south wales. Thanks for listening.



How to to tame a pet

How to tame a monkey king


Hello, do you want to know how to tame a monkey king? Yes you do follow this text and you will have a tamed a monkey king in no time.


What you need food, drink, bed, leash, brush, amour and clothes



First, make up your monkey kings bed (or any other animal we are using a monkey king for a example)

And prepare it for the day. Be sure to make it a healthy breakfast so it does not get fat


Next, entertain your animal by taking it to the park because it loves the swings and slides and do not take it swimming because its  amour  will rust. Then dry your animal off with a fluffy towel if it is not fluffy it will have a temper tantrum. 

Lastly, get it settled down up in bed and read it her/him favourite story, Harry Potter. It will eventually fall asleep.


Thank You for reading this instruction manual l hopefully by now you will have a fully tamed pet.

How to look after a baby dragon

How to look after a baby dragon


Have you been given a baby dragon to look after? Are you worried that it will burn you out of your home? Fear no more! This handy set of instructions has everything you need to look after your extraordinary pet.


         You will need:                     Method:

  • 100,000 ml of water
  • Dopiaza curry paste     1. Firstly, make sure that you
  • A dozen handfuls of     have a spacious dome for 

       leaves                         your dragon to fly around in 

  • Seedless grapes         as not doing this may result 
  • 1 apple per day           in burning.
  • A spacious dome
  • A radio                        2. Then, go to the forest and 
  • Sanex shower gel       make haste in collecting a 

                                        dozen handfuls of leaves for

                                        your pet’s bed, because a                   

                                        good nights sleep results in a 

                                        kind dragon.


  1. After that, prepare a feast including seedless grapes, a dopiaza curry paste and one apple per day. Don’t forget 100,000 ml of water-dragons often get thirsty!


  1. Next, lure your dragon to the bathroom using more grapes and once there, pop your pet in the bath and lather it in Sanex shower gel to keep it nice and clean.


  1. Finally, take your dragon to it’s dome and tuck it into bed. Meanwhile, play the radio quietly to ensure that your pet gets a good night’s sleep. Repeat the next day and enjoy looking after your pet.

How to care for your crystal pony.

How to care for your crystal pony


Are you looking for information about how to look after your crystal pony? Well this is the right book for you to keep your crystal pony safe and healthy. Read on to make sure your pet has an exciting life.


You will need:


A large dark cave, fairy lights, a giant supply of leaves and grass, blankets, a campfire and flowers.


To begin with, prepare your cave by hanging up fairy lights on the walls and ceiling so that your crystal pony has some light to see.


Next, lay out a giant supply of grass on the cave’s floor and add flowers onto the grass to give decoration to the room so your pet has a cute cave.


Don’t forget to include leaves to the corner of the cave so the crystal pony can munch on them.


After that, collect soft blankets and put them in the centre of the cave so that your pony can rest, sleep and exercise on the blankets.


Finally, store the campfire just outside of the cave to keep your crystal pony warm.


how to look after a unicorn

How to look after a unicorn 


Are you looking for a lifetime of tips for a unicorn that just can’t settle in? Well look no further, and you can become an amazing parent for a well behaved unicorn.


What u will need 

  • A warm shelter 
  • Pixie dust 
  • Night light 
  • Lucky charms 


Firstly you’ll need to polish your unicorn horn once a day, if not this might result in an unhealthy unicorn 


After that, ensure that your unicorn has a magic night light that can help them sleep peacefully with her warm blanket and her toasty sheltered room. Make sure your enclosure is sprinkled with pixie dust and hidden snacks such as: lucky charms and candy floss which you can find at the end of the rainbow. P.S make sure your unicorn has an elegant name.


SAFETY TIP: do not use any candles or fire as unicorns are highly allergic and will cause death.


How to care for a unicorn.


How to care for a unicorn


Ever wondered how you care for a unicorn? If not, follow these simple instructions….


You will need

Food bowl (£2.60)

Water bowl (£2.60)

Fresh supplies of green leaves (£3 a day)

A comfy mattress (£30)

Lots of blankets (£12)

Hair brush to groom your unicorn (£1.50)




Firstly, you need to put your luxury mattress into a heated

Room. This will be your unicorn’s new bedroom.


Secondly,you need your unicorn’s food bowl and water bowl placed

In your green garden. This creature loves the outdoors.


Next, you need to make sure you have time to fill the unicorn’s food

Bowl and water bowl up everyday. Fill the food bowl with fresh, green leaves

everyday to care for your creature.


Finally, enjoy grooming your new pet unicorn!


Go to this link (the unicorns like it) to shop for all your creatures goods!



Amazon Chronicle

Hello and welcome to the Rainforest Chronicle,

An unusual creature has been spotted by the side of the Amazon river in Brazil. This animal has been believed to have roamed the rainforest for many years, however scientists have searched and found enough evidence to suggest that this sighting could be true. DNA tests are currently taking place around the world by top scientists which have previously been involved with the new type of dinosaur which is being studied at the University of Kansas.


The scientist to find the most useful evidence was Dr J Brown, he discovered the skull of this known to be ‘friendly’ monster.  He was walking around trying to get DNA samples with a group of scientists around 13:43 on Wednesday afternoon. 


Scientists and police have been called to the area and have investigated for more evidence that this creature is living and breathing. The animal is still yet to be found but many people have reported seeing it.


The prime minister has informed the public to stay in their houses until this monster has been found or proven a myth. The community has questioned his decisions.

Do you agree with this?


Stay updated and watch this mystery unfold.

Stay Safe and goodbye!

how to look after a megladon

firstly, you need to slowly approach your mad megladon then, you need to stroke its scaly skin after that, you give it a soothing bubble bath swiftly after,you need to get its favourite  black and white towel and scrub it really hard finally you warm up some pizzas and then put it in there bowl for them to eat it slowly

Bumble Bee’s Buzz.

Bumble Bee’s Buzz


What are loud? A bumble bee’s buzz, an elephant’s stomp and a car’s scream.

What are quiet? A mouse’s footsteps, a gentle whisper and a forgotten dream.

What are cold? A sad polar bear, a snowman’s heart and a tear running down my cheek.

What are hot? A bonfire in November, a fireplace in December and a mid July week.

What are tasty? A chocolate bar, a waffle and mac n cheese.

What are vile? The taste of soap, blood and a bully’s  tease.