How to look after a shadow dragon

How to look after a baby shadow dragon


Have you ever been chosen to look after a baby shadow dragon? Well if you haven’t read these fantastic 5 impeccable instructions.


What you need!


  1. Shadow cave
  2. A water cauldron and food cauldron
  3. A black bullet leed
  4. Sharp clinging claw clippers
  5. A dark frightful bed
  6. Last but not least a the gloomy collar 


First, create a shadow cave that is near a gloomy enclosed space make sure it’s dark. You will also need a cosy fire pit to keep it warm during the cold times of the year and to keep it entertained.


Secondly, provide an actual caldron filled with drinkable water and food make sure it is in a cauldron or you are really in trouble but I’m sure you form a bond.Bye the way, the food is normal dog food.


Next, collect a black bullet leed that is pure, pure black and also remember a collar you can not use a leed without a collar. P.S the collar is also black.


After, you need a sharp and when i say sharp i mean sharp a shadow dragons claws grow very quick and are very thick. So just remember the word sharp.


Finally, make sure you have a very large, black bullet spider bed that you can only get in south wales. Thanks for listening.



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