How to to tame a pet

How to tame a monkey king


Hello, do you want to know how to tame a monkey king? Yes you do follow this text and you will have a tamed a monkey king in no time.


What you need food, drink, bed, leash, brush, amour and clothes



First, make up your monkey kings bed (or any other animal we are using a monkey king for a example)

And prepare it for the day. Be sure to make it a healthy breakfast so it does not get fat


Next, entertain your animal by taking it to the park because it loves the swings and slides and do not take it swimming because its  amour  will rust. Then dry your animal off with a fluffy towel if it is not fluffy it will have a temper tantrum. 

Lastly, get it settled down up in bed and read it her/him favourite story, Harry Potter. It will eventually fall asleep.


Thank You for reading this instruction manual l hopefully by now you will have a fully tamed pet.

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