Ronald and tanganga



Ronaldo stared out the airship window, seeing a big silver ship with sharp harpoon guns.”AHHH” Ronaldo shouted. Suddenly, a big thick harpoon stabbed into the back of the airship. They grabbed the parrishoots and jumped out and flew out just in time because it exploded. They landed in a giant green dich, in sesame street. Everyone stared at the two. They took their pursuit and ran from embarrassment. At one hundred miles an hour Ronaldo ran into this big horrifying house. Then got knocked out and everything went black.


Chapter 1


Three hours later, Ronaldo woke up and had a big fat bump on his hip. “W W Wer” am I” Ronaldo asked.

“In the hospital” Tanganga exclaimed…


Three weeks later, Ronaldo recovered and went to his new school.He is the best at football and PE. After lunch they played football and won 69-0 ronaldo discord 30 that is 10 hatrics.

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