How to care for a unicorn.


How to care for a unicorn


Ever wondered how you care for a unicorn? If not, follow these simple instructions….


You will need

Food bowl (£2.60)

Water bowl (£2.60)

Fresh supplies of green leaves (£3 a day)

A comfy mattress (£30)

Lots of blankets (£12)

Hair brush to groom your unicorn (£1.50)




Firstly, you need to put your luxury mattress into a heated

Room. This will be your unicorn’s new bedroom.


Secondly,you need your unicorn’s food bowl and water bowl placed

In your green garden. This creature loves the outdoors.


Next, you need to make sure you have time to fill the unicorn’s food

Bowl and water bowl up everyday. Fill the food bowl with fresh, green leaves

everyday to care for your creature.


Finally, enjoy grooming your new pet unicorn!


Go to this link (the unicorns like it) to shop for all your creatures goods!

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