Cotton Cloud Island

   Visit Cotton Cloud Island!


Yes you read that! Come to Cotton Cloud where all the fun begins! 

Are you tired of sitting at home doing nothing? Do your children just watch TV all day? Have you had enough of being bored?


  Why not teleport to Cotton Cloud Island! 

  • Admire Mythic zoo to see frost cats and shadow unicorns!
  • Wonder in the cotton candy shop and make cotton candy for free!
  • Be astonished by the frost dragon cave.


In frost dragon caves there is heaps of fun for your children.

They will:


  • Use our latest hovel which are freshy sanitized after use.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Dig for frosty eggs!
  • Explore the cave!
  • Leave the cave with their own frost dragon and sweets!


On top of that you can visit the cafe with free items as well as visiting the buffet with free desserts and toys.You can also visit the tropical sea with free drinks and swimsuits!


Cotton cloud is only 10 minutes away from  the famous Gold Syrup park.


Visit to book your tickets! We can’t wait to see you all there.


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