Visit Jedi Island

 Vist Jedi Island


Hey you, have you ever dreamed of having the time of your life.

Are you tired of your kids spending all of their time on their devices?

Are you annoyed that you have to clean and make the food?

Why not visit Jedi Island and have as much fun as you want? 

Everything you want is just around the corner of the world, peaceful and harmless.


In Jedi Island there are shops like Hugo Boss where you can shop for free and trust me this is not a scam! There are even water parks just for boys and just for girls, there is also a mix. You can get a car without a license and you can get one when you’re 4 or older.


Blast off in the world of Jedi Island, Stare at the swimming sloths Adopt a pet whenever you likeJump up into space with your family and why don’t you relax and have the time of your life In the World’s best place.You can even go to Anikin Aimer Saber which is a place where you fight people and if you win the final you get  £1,000,000.


Jedi Island is 3 miles away from the Space Station, so it would be around the M16 and the M14 so it might take a bit of time. But it’s worth it. 


So if you would like to come, all you need to do is go on Google or whatever search e you use and type in Island and press send! 

I Will See You there.

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