Jungle island

Jungle island


Are you bored?, visit the Jungle island for only £29.99 and there are lots of activities to do and ride rollercoasters and other things to do in the jungle.

You will never believe how fun this is. The age is 8 years old to go into the Jungle. When you want a babysitter to look after the younger ones but you don’t have one, you can go to the reception and we could look after them and give them dinner what they like and let them go in the Jungle play area.

Be amazed with our water park with a wave pool and lodes of water slides.

Visit our Dragons cave.

Go snorkelling in our in clean blue water.

Go climbing on our big long 2 hour walk on hill.

Glide across the Jungle.


On the beach, your children want to stay there for ever and don’t want leave.

They will:

  • Learn to swim with dolphins;
  • Learn how to dive;
  • Learn how to swim in deep water;
  • Learn how to do back stroke;
  • Feed the fish and other creatures in the water.


Its open till 9:00 PM. It also has a Jacuzzi and the theme park has a 2 for 1 offer on all rides. It’s got  lodes of arcade games and new arcade games.

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