how to look after a unicorn

How to look after a unicorn 


Are you looking for a lifetime of tips for a unicorn that just can’t settle in? Well look no further, and you can become an amazing parent for a well behaved unicorn.


What u will need 

  • A warm shelter 
  • Pixie dust 
  • Night light 
  • Lucky charms 


Firstly you’ll need to polish your unicorn horn once a day, if not this might result in an unhealthy unicorn 


After that, ensure that your unicorn has a magic night light that can help them sleep peacefully with her warm blanket and her toasty sheltered room. Make sure your enclosure is sprinkled with pixie dust and hidden snacks such as: lucky charms and candy floss which you can find at the end of the rainbow. P.S make sure your unicorn has an elegant name.


SAFETY TIP: do not use any candles or fire as unicorns are highly allergic and will cause death.


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