How to care for your crystal pony.

How to care for your crystal pony


Are you looking for information about how to look after your crystal pony? Well this is the right book for you to keep your crystal pony safe and healthy. Read on to make sure your pet has an exciting life.


You will need:


A large dark cave, fairy lights, a giant supply of leaves and grass, blankets, a campfire and flowers.


To begin with, prepare your cave by hanging up fairy lights on the walls and ceiling so that your crystal pony has some light to see.


Next, lay out a giant supply of grass on the cave’s floor and add flowers onto the grass to give decoration to the room so your pet has a cute cave.


Don’t forget to include leaves to the corner of the cave so the crystal pony can munch on them.


After that, collect soft blankets and put them in the centre of the cave so that your pony can rest, sleep and exercise on the blankets.


Finally, store the campfire just outside of the cave to keep your crystal pony warm.


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