Visit Butterscottie

Visit Butterscottie Island!

Yes, visit Butterscottie Island and you will believe how amazing this Island is.


Are your children ever asking you every 5 minutes what they can do? Do you ever get stressed from your children? Well why don’t you visit Butterscottie Island?


In Buttercottie Island we have a MASSIVE map of all the places that are here, but since you haven’t seen the map, I will show what is in Butterscottie Island. There is a:


  • Spectacular 3000 wish tree;
  • Have tour guides who show you our secret place;
  • Wacky water parks;
  • Unlimited foods.


The secret place is called Mysterious enchan-unknown. This place is all about an enchanted place full of powers, any power you would like will suddenly show as earring, necklaces or bracelets. My power is tropical-crazy because in Butterscottie all the shops and places are tropical colours. Don’t tell anyone until they come.  


Also in Butterscottie island we have a free unlimited candy shop, toy shop and a free trip anywhere.


Butterscottie Island is in area 52 waiting for you! Finally come and join the academy B-team.

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