in the land of the unknown

In the land of fish, the black molly fish crept up on all of the other fish like a balloon popping and masking an extreme noise.


In the land of the sun, it shone brightly like a candle being lit and setting on fire.


In the land of candy lane, people came rushing quicker than the police was running to get to the candy like bullets shooting through the sky.


In the land of cows it looked like oiled spilled black spots with a wonderful heart.


In the land of lolly pops, they were made out of milk like white creamy juicy coconuts falling of the tree.


In the land of concerts, everybody was cheering and screaming like they just crashed on an airplane.

One Response to “in the land of the unknown”

  1. This is amazing but I would use some more adjectives and maybe a bit longer, Well done.

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