Rockets on the moon

In the land of Neverbelieve,

I gazed as the sapphire,blue waterfall swam down into the meandering river as I stood staitionary like a statue next to a museum.

In the land of Neverbelieve, I imagined a bright red pheonix like the sun set sun rising from beneath I can see.

In the land of Neverbelieve,I held a baby red squirrel  as it tail curled up in a ball like a strawberry flavoured fruit roll up.

In the land of Neverbelieve, I witnessed a wyvern sawing through the gloomy sky at night like a rocket flying to the moon.

In the land of  Neverbelieve,I sat in the desert abandoned glancing at   elephants ahead of me stomping around like a storm was going on.

In the land of Neverbelieve, I heard the flutter of butterfly’s wings as I was in a field of flowers ad,Irving daffadils.

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