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how to keep a wizard unicorn


How To keep a wizard unicorn

Have you ever wondered how to keep a wizard unicorn or to make a unicorn den?these steps will help you do that.






-water about ten degrees

-living organisms


-exercise for 4 hours

-let sleep for 8 hours


-football pitch


First perches some grapes and strawberry,s for your unicorn to eat because this is there diet and it makes them happy.

Next gather one long stick and 5 medium sticks and one rope to tie it all together.

After that scavenging for some river water then bring the water back and then grab a boll and pore it in.

Now bath this unicorn with ten degrees and finally scrub it with soap .

After that make a bed from cotton and sticks for it to lay on whilst it’s drying off.

Once you have done that find a football pitch for your unicorn stay and exercised on the pitch.


If not follow this unicorn will blow up the earth core

How to look after a lightning unicorn

How to look after a lightning unicorn

Have you ever been given a lightning unicorn for Christmas? Well fear not here are 6 simple steps to lead you to success.

What you need





-fresh water


-hot water at 20 degrees

-space as big as an Olympic race track

What to do

First,purchase barbecued burgers and fish,so you can create a very strong bond together.

Next,quickly buy three hundred packs of cotton wool from Tesco but if Tesco has got any go to Asda.

Afterwards,locate a deserted Olympic race track and then your unicorn gets exercise.

Now, carefully find a lightning shaped duvet in the cloud kingdom if not this may result in your unicorn mite get cranky.

Then obtain fresh water and milk because it is allergic to juice and smoothies.

Finally,grab 20 litres of 30 degrees water but if  the water is to cold it will freeze.


If not followed properly the lightning unicorn will create an eternal lightning storm all over the world! Good luck.

How to take care of a fire unicorn

How to take care of a fire unicorn

Have you got a pet fire unicorn or got asked to look after a fire unicorn? If then this is for you

What you need

-A bed as hard as bedrock

-50 jugs of milk

-A magical fire proof cage

-Some coal heated up by a chimaera and moam’s

– The temperature of 50 degrees

-Ten fire proof blankets

-Twenty massive fire proof pillows

-A fire proof plant

-5 fire proof teddy’s

-A space as large as a swimming place

What to do

First, purchase 50 jugs of milk and some Moams  because then it will become your friend.

Next, locate the magical fire proof metal cage so it has somewhere to live. The cage is as big as a swimming place.

After that, find the ten fire proof blankets in soft world then it can be nice and cozy.

Later on, construct twenty massive pillows so it’s bed is nice and soft.

Then, dig for bedrock for it’s bed because it likes hard beds.

Afterwards, go to the nature and obtain some fire proof plants so it won’t burn it.

Finally, create 5 new fire proof teddies so it has company.


If you don’t follow these rules it will it will try to burn you but the only way to make it not do it is give it milk.good luck.

How to look after a laser unicorn

How to look after a laser Unicorn

Have you ever looked after a laser Unicorn? And don’t know how then here are some instructions on how to look after him.

What you need:

.a bucket of lava

.some leaves

.a dead fox

.a dead mouse

.a dead cat


.100 gallons of Dr Pepper



Firstly,purchase a shotgun so that you can kill the fox,mouse and cat and when you give him one he will think you are worthy.

Next retrieve a bucket of lava and a bunch of leaves but before you can do anything with them pour the lava and leaves into a bathtub and mix it up for his bed.

After that, locate the rain forest so he has space to run around and get exercise and play.

Then, detect the holes volcano in the UK for his soap Cole from the volcano for his bath.

Finally, retrieve a drink of 10,000 gallons of Dr Pepper.

How to look after a Hunter Unicorn

How to look after a Hunter Unicorn

Have you ever raised a Hunter Unicorn or even seen one? These are five easy steps on how to take care of a Hunter Unicorn.

What you need

-raw fish

-deep cave

-small lake

-animal blood

-space as big as forest

What to do

First find a deep cave and lay some bedrock down.so your unicorn has somewhere to sleep and rest.

Next,purchase raw fish from the supermarket if they are sold out go to a river and find some.

Then in his cave make sure it is a large space as big Sherwood Forest so he can run around.

After make sure to bath him in a lake so he is not dirty and full of mud so then he won’t get his bed dirty.

Finally give him animal blood and nothing else but afterwards he might not want to drink animal blood sometimes he drinks water.


If u do not do this he will set the world on fire.


Looking after a water unicorn

Looking after a water unicorn 

Do you want to look after a water unicorn? here are 4 steps to make it easy to look after .

What you need


-ice cream

-5 degrees water

-space the size of a cricket club

-water unicorn soap

What to do 

First,buy Frosties and milk for you water unicorn to eat and drink because it’s his favourite food.

Next, find space the size of a cricket club so you unicorn can exercise and play.

After that wash you unicorn with water unicorn soap and 1 degrees water . You will need to scrub his feet with water unicorn soap and use 1 quarter of the the soap on the rest of his body .

Finnally find sticks,leaves and pillows for you unicorns bed. You unicorn will make its own bed so give it a couple of minutes add water to you unicorns bed and he will be happy 


If not followed correctly he will spray poisonous water at you. Have fun

How to take care of a fluffy unicorn

How to take care of a fluffy unicorn                          

Have you ever had a pet Fluffy Unicorn or have you ever seen one?These steps will help you take care of this rare , enchanting and lovely unicorn.It should hopefully make it easier as well.

What you will need

-land of grass




-spaghetti bolognese



-strawberry milk




-space size as school playground

-fluff soap

-water 25 degrees Celsius

-strawberry and banana milkshake

What to do

First, purchase fruit loops and raspberries from any supermarket so that you can build up a bond and they will feel comfortable around you.

Next,search for some space as it can run around but make sure it’s the size of a school playground.

Also buy food for lunch and dinner so for that you will need veg, spaghetti bolognese,hay and grass.

Then,find for its bath fluff soap and make sure the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius at 7:45pm.

Before,collecting things for its bath make sure it’s exercised it needs 1hour and a half running around and after the bath read to it for 15 minutes to calm it down.

Finally,the unicorn drinks strawberry milk, ice cold water and strawberry and banana blended together with milk.


If not followed properly your unicorn will hate you and if you try talk to it they will just roll there eyes.

How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Do you struggle to take care of your fire unicorn? This information will help you to take care of this magical, enchanted, and unique unicorn.

What you need

-magma 100 degrees

-BBQ set for burnt BBQ

-burnt cake as a treat

-lava from a volcano

-shower water 100 degrees

-space as big as a hokey pitch

-burnt cars for it to play with

What to do

First, purchase a BBQ set to make burnt food so your fire unicorn is calm, and find a cake and burn it so you make a relationship with it.

Next, search for some magma and make sure it is hot. As soon as you find the magma, you need to make a bed out of the magma  and put a duvet on so then your unicorn can be cozy when it goes to sleep.

After, find a volcano and you need as much  lava as you can get. Put it in a cup four your unicorn to drink so it isn’t thirsty.

Afterwards, buy cars and burn them, so it can play with them. But don’t burn them to much or the cars will melt.

Later on, build a shower so that you can turn the water to 100 degrees for the unicorn to clean it self.

Finally, make space the size of a hokey pitch so the unicorn can exercise.


If your unicorn is angry it will shoot fire beams, the way to stop it is calming it down by stroking it. Have fun.

How to look after a river unicorn

How to take care of a River Unicorn

Have you received a River Unicorn? Then these instructions are just for you.

What you need

-the space of a school ground

-a cosy blanket

-a jug of water

-fish smelling shampoo

-the water at 0 degrees

-apples and bananas

-freezing water

-Unicorn flakes and candy

What to do

First, buy unicorn flakes and candy for it to relax and it can become your friend.

Then, find the space of a school ground so it can run around and exercise its self.

After that, find a blanket and then pour water on it so it is wet as this will make him calm.

After, purchase apples and bananas for its diet so it can live healthy.

Finally, pour freezing water into a jug for it to drink and to chill out.


If you do not follow these steps carefully it will change you into a river.


How to look after a nature unicorn

How to look after a nature unicorn

Have you ever looked after a nature unicorn? Well if you haven’t I have got some simple instructions that you can follow.

What you need

-smooth leaves

-green apples

-orange juice


-plastic leaves

-space as big as a field

-water at 10 degrees

What to do

First, find some leaves and green apples so that your unicorn can trust you because these are her favourite snacks.

Next, purchase some plastic leaves and sticks so that you can make a bed.

Then, pile them on top of each over because the nature unicorn usually lives in nature.

After, that, in order to keep your nature unicorn clean make her a bath at 10 degrees since all nature unicorn’s can’t stand too cold or too hot.

Afterwords, make your unicorn a drink from the orange juice unicorn so your unicorn is not thirsty.

After, go to the biggest field you can find so your unicorn can run around because your unicorn always needs a big exercise.

Finally, your unicorn should be tired out so carry her to bed and say good night.


If you don’t do all these things the nature unicorn will turn everyone into trees.