How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Have you ever had to babysit a fire unicorn or have you looked after a fire unicorn?

This is what you need to make sure that the unicorn is happy

What you need

These are the 8 things what you need





Extremely hot water

Big space as big as a football pitch

Lava soap


What to do

First,find a volcano and get some rocks and lava so it will be calm and peaceful.

Next,cook some sausages and look for coal so it is happy and cheerful.

Then,buy some lava soap and get extremely hot water from a kettle so that you can wash him.

Once you have done all of that,you need to look for some big space for him as big as a football pitch so he can exercise.

Finally,you need to gather some water so he does not get very thirsty.


If the fire unicorn is angry say stop! and he will stop.

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