How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Have you ever seen or looked after a fire Unicorn? If so here are some instructions so he or she is well behaved

What you need

-lava wool for bed

-chips and jalapeño for food

-200 degrees lava bath

-more space than a football stadium

-hot sauce and fire for drink

What to do

First, buy a duvet and make sure it is warmer than a volcano to chill and sleep.

Next, get chips and jalapeño for he’s body to stay boiling if he gets cold he can takeover the universe.

Afterwards, make hot sauce for a drink and fire so he doesn’t destroy the universe.

Finally, prepare a 200 degree lava bath use fire for he’s soap. Last of all use lava liquid to wash it off because if you use water he will take over the universe.


Never ever give him something cold or else the world will be mars!

Have fun

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