Still Like A Statue

In the land of Neverbelieve

I watched as a vicious dog roared like a vicious raptor

In the land of Neverbelieve

I saw a sapphire river meandering like a slithering snake as I stood like a still statue happily

in the land of neverbelieve

I touched a map of Tsushima in Japan but a droplet of water engulfed it making it useless and transparent

In the land of Neverbelieve I felt hope trickle down my body as the sun roze and the clouds become clearer

In the land of Neverbelieve I entered the aquatic land and a majestic seahorse stood on the bed of the crystal ocean proudly

In the land of Neverbelieve, I held my Samsung galaxy S9 up to my ocean blue eyes full of feelings like: Hope; happiness and joy.

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