The Mighty Jungle

I want to paint-

a zealous zebra speedily sprinting as fast as lightning striking in a dark , ominous thunderstorm,

an animal scuttling frantically through the Amazon Rainforest,

a determined daffodil break-dancing as the wind dares to fidget.

I want to paint-

the smell of smoke spreading in the crisp, November air,   the taste of a gooey, toasted marshmallow entering my mouth,  the sound of a deafening silence descending like a blanket in the middle of a deep, dark night.

I want to paint-

an encyclopaedia of missed moments,   the memory of the Benin, brass being casted by the amazing artists,  the impossibility of a koala fiercely flying through the majestic milky-way.

I want to paint the distance between the start and the end of this poem.

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