The start of journey!

I want to paint the taste of sweet smelling Cadbury’s milk chocolate fountain oozing down the three metal tiers as I take a chomp into a scarlet strawberry,

I want to paint the sound of bonfires crackling in the crisp November night, and the sound of fireworks frantically soaring higher and higher into the sky,

I want to paint the smell of acrid smoke seeping through my mum’s window and the motes of dust ominously scattering around,

I want to paint the distance between the start of a journey and the end of a life time,

I want to paint the impossibility of a clueless cow strolling on top of a rainbow and eating luscious, green grass at the same time,

I want to paint the memory of the first and the last time the clever Chinese cautiously placed a black brick as dark as a mine shaft on The Great Wall of China.

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