I met a …

I met a girl called Summer,

She had shiny and wavy hair,

Just like the sea when it splashes 

On the shore. 

I met a girl called Autumn, 

She had crispy but ginger hair,

Her voice was croaky due to 

the cold weather. 

I met a boy called Joy, 

He always looked furious,

But really his voice was as soft as 

Cotton- wool and was always cheerful.


I met a man called sunset,

His eyes went a smoky red nearer

to the evening, and laided above the clouds.


I met a girl called fire, 

She had black hair like the colour of coal,

and was always red cheeked nearer the 

Evening whilst toasting marshmallows.


I met a man called courage,

He was always talking positively,you make think of 

Him as a mean guy but really he has the softest voice

Like cotton-wool and is encouraging.


I met a girl called storm,

She had the worlds curliest hair,

She had black hair with whitish highlights

that reminded everyone of storms just like her name.





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