I met a…. -By Thomas

I met a…….  

I met a boy called Fire.        

He had eyes that flamed like a raging fire

and his hair would stick up like flames

With fiery hot hands that would burn anything.

I met an actor called Bear.

He had a body scattered with muscles

and large sharp teeth as sharp as daggers

With a large fluffy fur coat.

I met an actress called Joyful.

She hade a big smile on her face everyday

and would hop around the set and sing her heart out

With glistening eyes and a shiny white smile that would make everyone happy

I met a king called Greed.

His eyes shined like Ruby’s of which he was going steal

and his pockets were filled to the brim with gold coins

With his voice echoing throughout his large empty castle.

I met a queen called Emptiness.

Her heart was as black as the night sky

and her eyes were dull and empty

with ragged muddy clothes that drooped down too the floor

her old hands were shrivelled and dry

she felt empty.

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