I’ve never… by Sia

I have never munched a galaxy of stars and  meteors but I have eaten a milky way chocolate bar.

I have never been introduced a space dragon but I have met an elephant at a safari park.

I have never swam through a coral reef but I have had my whole head underwater without swimming goggles.

I have never danced through a nebula but I have pranced around in a disco.

I have never been in an undiscovered meadow with griffins and hippogriffs but I have seen a plush hippogriff in front of a cake with a ferret on it.

I have never flown a spaceship to planet tinkle tea but I have been in a plane travelling to Paris.

I have never climbed Mount Everest but I have clambered up the front of cam peak.

I have never seen a turquoise dragon soar across the sky but I have heard the red arrows fly through the air.

I have never spied a bomb blowing up buildings in real life but I have seen a nuke destroy the world in minecraft.

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