On my way home…

Title-On my way home… 

By – Harrison Martin


On my way home I met a girl called Summer.

 She had eyes as yellow as a banana on a hot summer day. She had a glow on her skin that looked like the shining sun and I saw her changing the sun with her bare hands.


I met a man called Sketch his nose was like the led on a pencil, 

His skin was as blue as any river in the world much like a pen So I challenged him to a drawing battle he won,

He left a trail of pain everywhere he went.


I met a girl called Joy.

She was always bursting with joy and always seeing the bright side of things,

She said that she can make anybody happy so I watched as she made everybody have a big smile on their face for days on end.


I met a dog called Turbo.

He had rockets attached to him and bright blue eyes,

He had brown and black fur that went write back when he went turbo mode.

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