The Flowers and Trees By Buster SWW


The golden Tree

The golden tree has stretching trees that look like golden arms.
The whole tree is golden not one inch is wood.
It crouches down like it is about to fall, but it ever has.
People think that it will make you rich but greedy people will get no luck, only people in need will.

The infinity tree

This tree never fall break or die off.
Many people have attempted to cut this tree but nobody has had a success yet that is.
Lots of children have said
“one day I will cut that silly tree down!” But the parent have told them they can’t but they won’t have any of doubt.
Any one who tries to cut it down the tree will one day get revenge.
Since he is so old his truck is wrinkled and his leaves are dead.

The destruction tree

This tree likes or loves anyone.
He lives is a 28 acre field but he will not share.
He has destroyed a tractor one by sending his roots to grab the tires an it was sucked down is two seconds.
What he does to scares other trees away is the trees that he has catches he makes paper and tangles him self in it.


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