Gemmas awsome what are poem

What are silent?

A clean white board, a pencil and a piece of cloth.

what are memorable?

Meeting my BFF for the first time, holding my adorable westie terrier for the first time and getting my first cub badge .

What are empty?

Shops in the early morning and an abandoned house!

What are unhappy?

A dog not getting treats, a kid with no device and a parent  losing a loved one.

What are unkind?

A broken promise from a friend and hurting someone .

What are kind?

Giving money to homeless, helping someone and adopting a homeless puppy.

What are thin?

Paper, card and plastic.

What are thic?

A Harry Potter book and a new born babies cheeks.

What are cute?

A new puppy and a toddler taking his first step.

What are ugly?

A cow eating mud, a dirty sheep and a pig.


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