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What are fragile

What are fragile? A crunchy old piece of paper and an broken heart.                                                                        What is tasty? A soft cake and a golden brown tart.

What are small? A cute animal figure and a snails trail.                                                                                              What are big? A beautiful vast elephant and a massive whale

What are full? A glass of water and the River Nile                                                                                                        What is long? A length of a python and walking a mile.

What are large? A oak tree and  a meal for three.                                                                                                     What has wings? A pigeon and a black and yellow bee.


What are shiny ? An ocean blue crystal shining in a mysterious cave and sunglasses shining from the burning hot sun.

What are cold ? A massive iceberg in the artic and a ice cold lemonade on a summer day. 

What are strong ? A gorilla in the steep mountain’s roaring for it’s baby and Tommy furry getting ready his boxing match .

What are light ? A little boy wonderous mind and a brightening touch in a deep dark dark cave .

What are hot ? A campfire crackiling on a snowy day and a fire like hot chocolate .

What are noisy ? A fire alarm ringing ang a police siren .

What are fast ? A wooden bullet chasing you and a zooming vampire that’s blood thirty.

What are slow ? A crawling sloth and a grandma making tea .

What are hot?

What are still?                                                                                                                                                                      A blanket of bleak, suffocating snow and a pale lifeless dead body.

What are hot?                                                                                                                                                                  The bubbling insides of Mount Vesuvius and the Sun’s untouchable, blinding rays in the burning Summer sky.

What sounds magnificent?                                                                                                                                    Mellifluous water rippling gently in a perfect African sunset and a football net rattling on a beautiful, miraculous Saturday afternoon.

What are deep?                                                                                                                                                                  The undiscovered, unforgiving Mariana Trench and endlessly blue eyes which you can get lost in.

What are unholy?                                                                                                                                                             A demonic entity being summoned from a ouija board and the basement of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

What are sharp?                                                                                                                                                              A knife in the street lights and shattered glasses which have been lost in the bin of a tragic, abandoned pub of memories.

What are heavy?                                                                                                                                                         The pressure on a penalty taker’s shoulders and the tension in the stadium as he takes it.

What are frozen?                                                                                                                                                          The frosty, crystalized heart and icy lemonade on a beach in Dubai.

What are bright? A lava lamp on a little boy’s bedside drawers and the light of a phone stunning your eyes when you first wake up.

What are silent? A broken person holding in their deep, untouched emotions and a soundproof classroom as a teacher raises their hand.

What are?

what are frozen? A fake friends dull heart, icy cold with lies and the frosty Antarctica with penguins flapping around.

what are hot? A babies blue pupils on a beautiful breezy day and a iridescent puddle marching into the drain.

What are dazzling? The eye catching glimmering jewelry what was just like dancing stars.

What are still? The towering tall Statue of Liberty proudly guarding the bay of New York and a hungry lion ready to pounce on its pray.

What are sharp? The edge of the snow-filled summit of Mount Everest and the arrow of a stable bow and arrow.

What are deep? The historic trenches of a World War 1 and the souls that never ever returned.

What are frail? A historic ,ancient artifact belonging to Queen Victoria and a precious smile of a new born baby.

What are heavy? A pestering , never ending problem constantly worrying  me and the space of wonder.

What are strong? A heavy weight champion and a chaotic forest over  filled with trees and wild life.

What are hot?

What are hot? The burning sun heating up the Nile and the deepest most scorching depths of Mount Vesuvius.

What are cold? The iconic ice berg that sunk The Titanic and the ice cold spanner that belongs to the exhausted mechanic.

What are bright? The heart – lifting sun that greets you when you open your curtain and a young child’s smile as they walk into a toy shop that’s filled with all of their hopes and dreams.

What are heavy? A full beach of satisfying, grainy sand and the famous ISS as it orbits the entire universe.

What are frozen? The vast Atlantic Ocean on a cold Winter’s evening and the icy snow that blankets Antarctica.

What are loud? The call of a wolf that floods the dark, eerie forest and the erupting cheers of the fascinated tourists.

What are silent? A miniscule ant making a nest and a cute, fluffy kitten having a rest.

What are shiny? A well looked after medal awarded for honor and a brand new flashlight reflecting on a mirror.

What are dry? The dehydrated ground after a drought and an unused tea pot’s spout.

What are light? A single leaf cascading from a might oak tree and a grain of sand pouring down from your fingers.

What are?

What are shiny?                                                                                                                                                                An iridescent puddle rippling as the soft breeze twirls past and a child’s bright, beaming eyes twinkling as they skip merrily into a sweet-shop.

What are cold?                                                                                                                                                                  A fake friends love, a snow-man’s icy cold heart longing to be warmed and an ignored smile.

What are heavy?                                                                                                                                                             A  beach-full of golden sand glistening in the hot summer sun and a forest covered in a thick blanket of trees and wild-life.

What are silent?                                                                                                                                                          The cold quiet whispers of the dead and the soft breeze dancing gently past.

What are hot?                                                                                                                                                              The never ending planes of Africa, covered in foot-prints, from the many animals that have passed and a blazing fire engulfing a building.

What are sharp?                                                                                                                                                              A new sword recently sharpened by a talented black-smith and furious shark-teeth snapping violently.

What are frozen?                                                                                                                                                          An icy pond that has aged by the many seasons that has passed and an ice-lolly, hidden in the deepest depths of the freezer.

What are deep?                                                                                                                                                           The ocean packed full of beautiful fish and other unknown creatures yet to be found and a dangerous pit of lions roaring ferociously desperate to escape.

What are loud?                                                                                                                                                                   A lost soul yearning to escape the horrors of death and the ignored cries of a neglected animal longing to be loved once again.

What are still?                                                                                                                                                                    The cold, dead body of a lost one and a child lost in thought.


what are?

What are hot? The boiling bubbling lava in Mount Vesuvius and burning cheese pizza in the oven.             What are soft? The gentle soft sand in Hawaii .                                                                                                        What are bright? The shimmering vast sky.                                                                                                                What are silent? A hot crackling fire when you are roasting delicious  marshmallows  .                              What are fragile? when your ancient  dishes come in the post .                                                                              What are shiny? Fresh new cutlery from a delicate china shop.                                                                             What are thin? The side of a shattered glass and a fake friends heart.                                                                What are still?  A statue towering over the bay in New York .                                                                                What are fresh? When you put your fresh smelling washing on your bed on a summers night .                     What are dazzling? A wonderful sparkling necklace in a expensive window in France.

Around the world

What are heavy?

A dust black truck like a blue whale, and a bus slower than a turtle.

What are Frozen?

A fresh ice cream out of the freezer colder than the top of Mount  Everest and an ice cube as you bite into it.

What are dry?

A baked cake for over a week and is harder than a rock, and a sponge never been wet.

What are hot?

Bubbling boiling lava running down a volcano.

what are

what are easily lost?

my mums shimmering small earrings lying around and a really expensive phone

what are hot?

the red raw bubbling mount Versuvious  and a boiling kettle

what are heavy?

a white rhino stamping like an elephant and a large double decker bus

what are shiny?

an iridescent puddle drifting down somebodies drive and the sun reflecting in a mirror

What are large?

an abandoned warehouse with smashed glass hiding the secrets inside and a real friends heart.

What are cold?

A frosty freezer keeping my lovely ice cream cold and the blood from a pale dead body.

What are unkind?

A tiny mosquito biting my soft skin and people hitting other people.

What are fragile?

A one hundred year old vase slowly starting to crumble and an ornament.

What are small?

An atom crawling inside a green bin and a muscular red ant.

What are thin?
My hatred for Liverpool players and a stick insect.

What are emotional ?

What are shiny ?  Jewels bon a tiara  and a shimmering Rolls Royce.

What are slow ? A  Sloth in the Amazon and a sleepy tortoise .

What are fast? A skinny lurcher and a rapid cheetah .

What are relaxing ? A warm bath and a drizzling water feature  .

What are emotional ? A stranded bird  and the minute of silence for Rob Burrow .

What are scary ? Penny-wise suit and my Grandad’s furrow .

What are big ? A grown giraffe and a London bus .

What are sharp ? A spiky cactus and an elephants tusk .