what are

what are easily lost?

my mums shimmering small earrings lying around and a really expensive phone

what are hot?

the red raw bubbling mount Versuvious  and a boiling kettle

what are heavy?

a white rhino stamping like an elephant and a large double decker bus

what are shiny?

an iridescent puddle drifting down somebodies drive and the sun reflecting in a mirror

What are large?

an abandoned warehouse with smashed glass hiding the secrets inside and a real friends heart.

What are cold?

A frosty freezer keeping my lovely ice cream cold and the blood from a pale dead body.

What are unkind?

A tiny mosquito biting my soft skin and people hitting other people.

What are fragile?

A one hundred year old vase slowly starting to crumble and an ornament.

What are small?

An atom crawling inside a green bin and a muscular red ant.

What are thin?
My hatred for Liverpool players and a stick insect.

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