What are?

what are frozen? A fake friends dull heart, icy cold with lies and the frosty Antarctica with penguins flapping around.

what are hot? A babies blue pupils on a beautiful breezy day and a iridescent puddle marching into the drain.

What are dazzling? The eye catching glimmering jewelry what was just like dancing stars.

What are still? The towering tall Statue of Liberty proudly guarding the bay of New York and a hungry lion ready to pounce on its pray.

What are sharp? The edge of the snow-filled summit of Mount Everest and the arrow of a stable bow and arrow.

What are deep? The historic trenches of a World War 1 and the souls that never ever returned.

What are frail? A historic ,ancient artifact belonging to Queen Victoria and a precious smile of a new born baby.

What are heavy? A pestering , never ending problem constantly worrying  me and the space of wonder.

What are strong? A heavy weight champion and a chaotic forest over  filled with trees and wild life.

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