What are hot?

What are hot? The burning sun heating up the Nile and the deepest most scorching depths of Mount Vesuvius.

What are cold? The iconic ice berg that sunk The Titanic and the ice cold spanner that belongs to the exhausted mechanic.

What are bright? The heart – lifting sun that greets you when you open your curtain and a young child’s smile as they walk into a toy shop that’s filled with all of their hopes and dreams.

What are heavy? A full beach of satisfying, grainy sand and the famous ISS as it orbits the entire universe.

What are frozen? The vast Atlantic Ocean on a cold Winter’s evening and the icy snow that blankets Antarctica.

What are loud? The call of a wolf that floods the dark, eerie forest and the erupting cheers of the fascinated tourists.

What are silent? A miniscule ant making a nest and a cute, fluffy kitten having a rest.

What are shiny? A well looked after medal awarded for honor and a brand new flashlight reflecting on a mirror.

What are dry? The dehydrated ground after a drought and an unused tea pot’s spout.

What are light? A single leaf cascading from a might oak tree and a grain of sand pouring down from your fingers.

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