The Silly Poem

I’ve never married a silly old Mr Bean man, but I have kissed my amazing, beautiful mum.

I’ve never flown on the back of a good-looking, magical unicorn, but I have seen an airplane soar through the dark cloudy sky.

I’ve never had a little sister, but I have got a little brother named Jack.

I’ve never tasted a crab apple, but I have eaten an extremely sour lemon(The whole thing)

I’ve never ridden a chandelier covered in ice when I’m completely on fire, but I have chased my cat over the fence.

I’ve never eaten a piece of the sun, but I have touched a boiling hot pan when it was bubbling like crazy.

I’ve never killed a rabbit, but I have saved a poor bird’s life when its wing was broken.

I’ve never swum with a shark, but I have been in the Oasis swimming pool with my brother.

I’ve never seen Godzilla, but I have watched a video with King Kong in it.

By Alexa

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