What a question!

What a question!

What are heavy? The rocky plains of Mount Everest and the never- ending Mediterranean Sea.                  What are light? A skimming pebble and a lonely pea on a plate.                                                                            What are still? A boulder and a sleeping pill on the bedside table.

What are light? Neon white dancing and resting stars light years away.                                                               What are still? A broken leg resting in bed.                                                                                                    What are sharp? A knife and a wife’s words at home.                                                                                     What are heavy? The overwhelming sadness you need to share.                                                                 What are cold? An ice cube able to freeze my liquid to a solid.                                                                       What are deep? A free diver’s rope that goes to the bottom of the ocean.                                                  What are loud? A banshee’s screech echoing in a mental asylum in the middle of nowhere and my mum shouting my full name!

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