What are easily lost?

What are easily lost? The TV remote down the side of the couch and my phone when I come home from school.

What are fast? A Lamborghini and a jaguar running at the speed of sound in the Savana.

What are empty? A hole in the Amazon Rainforest and a ghosts body.

What are thin? My bank account and a feather on a blackbirds body flying in the midnight sky.

What are hot? Molten lava from Mount Vesuvius  and the Sun in the sky.

What are cold? The icicle in the Arctic and ice cream on a summers day.

What are heavy? A Coca Cola truck and a skyscraper as tall the clouds.

What are shiny? The sun reflecting off the sunglasses in the window of Matalan and crystals with a beam of light shining a deep, dark cave.

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