What are what?

What are shiny? A brass instrument playing loudly down the street and sparkly, wet grass in the meadow.

What are fast? A racing car speeding like the wind and a twinkly, shiny star zooming in and out of the midnight sky.

What are loud? The Eaves Primary School’s fire alarm and a bell from my pink bike.

What are tall? The Dreams massive head in the middle of the forest and Big Ben, ringing every hour.

What are easily lost? A camouflaged Gecko hiding behind the corner of a bedroom and a keycard to your pretty hotel room.

What are cold? An iceberg floating in freezing, deep water in the Pacific Ocean and a killers heart pounding to hunt animals.

What are hot? Boiling, orangey lava reaching the top of the crater of Pompeii’s Volcano and a rich man’s golden limo.

What are empty? A school on a Sunday afternoon and a amazing, shiny place after you ate.

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