Animals and humans…

What is weird?
A spooky shadow walking down an ally way at knight.

What is creepy?

Your door creaking in the knight, a mysterious shadow walking beck and forth in your bead room and a man transforming into a wear wolf on a fall moon.

What is magical?

A magic, shimmering crystal shinning in a deep dark cave guarded with a fire breathing dragon.

What is horrid and repulsive?

A blob fish swimming near the shaw in Australia.

What is sad?

Your ice cream falling in the ground with the flake on as well!

What is happy?

Having ice cream in a hot sunny day at the beach.

What is emotional?

A family members funeral on a black rainy day.




One Response to “Animals and humans…”

  1. 1) Your ideas are amazing and I like the description in what is magical.
    2) What made you think of this?
    3) You might want to double check your spellings.

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