What is dangerous? Two tall behemoth sized brown bears chasing me down like a piece of moth watering meat.

What is safe? Walking to the classic corner shop on a lovely summer’s day at 2:30 PM.

What are heavy? Twenty towering Tanks at the army used dumpster pile AKA the tank’s graveyard.

What are light? One delicate dainty Robin hopping hungrily through the thick, heavy, cloud-like snow.

What is huge? The Burj Khalifa towering over the heads of the millions of people in the desert of Dubai.

What are small? Hundreds and thousands of ants all squabbling to eat the last olive green leaf.

What are easily lost? A circus-themed bouncy ball in my messy pigsty-like bedroom.

What are never lost? A 48-inch flat screen LV TV covering most of the space on my bedroom wall.

What are still? A red Fed-EX lorry going at 20 mph on the old beat-down road in Preston.

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