Nature poem

The Dewflower

The Dewflower drips,

Like a silver shower head,

Pouring with water.

A stem so tall like a giant’s leg,

Covered in silver foil,

Like leftover food from a takeaway.

The roots so clear,

And wet like an icicle,

The shape of slithering snakes.

And petals warm to the,

Feeling of fingers,

On a cold winter morning.


The Milkweed tree

The Milkweed tree is tall,

Long and white with silver coconuts,

It’s roots like albino python,

Are crawling and twisting into the ground.

Its leaves are dusted in snow,

Like a sherbet fountain.

The long trunk has silver spikes

And icicles sticking out,

The white bark twinkles in the light of Christmas,

And the stained glass pattern

Was in a Coconut shell.

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