Immortal oaks

Immortal oaks grow out of soil that crumbles like Cake.

Green And glorious bark sing a melody.

multicoloured,crown Chinese in a serious reflection.

its branches I like fancy doing the dancing in the world of gold.

this is soft as bright ,beautiful ,blankets.

go and cleaning sick up nearby water that underground.

smells of Lavender it is not hard to find.

with immortal syrup .

just one drop can make you immortal.


RUBY roses spiralling out of grass.

dancing to wind and water.

grabbing Grass as it grows bigger.

mouth opening to reveal red ruby pollen.

singing out attracting bees and butterfly’s like a magnet .

Chicken bone skin fetus all nearby water underneath the red steam.

Spirals and spins like a snake out of grassy ground.

ruby roses.






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