Sapphire Trees

The Sapphire Tree 

 Sapphire trees can only be found in the lightest of places where butterflies fly and blue **** chirp. It only flowers when the sun is shining bright high in the sky.


When you touch the trunk you are instantly filled with eternal happiness. The trunk is as soft as cotton balls that could almost kill you with joy.


The leaves are an emerald green and feel like velvet to the touch. They dance in the summer breeze sending joyful vibes through the air that fill every animal and person with happiness.


The Sapphire Tree’s fruits are called Sapphire apples and they are one of the most delightful fruits in the entire world. However, these delicious treats are so unhealthy that one bite and you would be filled with so much energy that you would run and run until you burn to a crisp.

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