The Rainbow-Sunflower

The Rainbow-Sunflower shimmers like gold, it’s stem like a steal rod, it’s petals pointing towards the end of the Rainbow, the petals are blanketed in crystals that glimmer in the winter sun.

The leaves reflect an image of a Leprechaun jumping joyfully in his Hobbit Home, gold coins scattered on the furniture.

The stem stood as still as a Statue, like a tall and winding Lighthouse, with several balconies at the top.

The Rainbow-Sunflower glistened like a fortune telling Crystal ball, leading me to my destiny.

4 Responses to “The Rainbow-Sunflower”

  1. Hi Basma, we really like the description, I think it was very powerful and engaging.
    What gave you the inspiration to do a rainbow sunflower?
    maybe it might be even better if you extended it more?

    Lorna & Flora, THS

  2. Hi Basma,
    I love your poem.
    I liked the use of the word ‘glimmer’ it is much more unusual than shines.
    Mrs. Hinks

  3. I could have added more detail to the last line?

  4. You created some lovely images. I like the idea of the petals pointing to the end of the rainbow and your final verse, where the Rainbow Flower is leading you to your destiny, super work!

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