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Snow Globe



Arlo peered out of the Warship’s window, as more planes circled them. He watched as the War planes bombs erupted around them; bangs louder than fireworks. He could maker out evil laughter, as wicked as a witch’s cackle. He barked, “Tom this is it. You have to jump!”


Chapter One


Katy Johns gazed longingly outside, wishing that she could have freedom and proper parents. She was stuck in Mrs Soot’s orphanage; an old building that looked very sorry for itself. Mrs Soot was a very ugly person, not necessarily on the outside but on the inside, she was: cruel, spiteful, bad looking and had a hate for children.


Katy on the other hand was: intelligent, kind, loving and loyal, but she did not like Mrs Soot any more than Mrs Soot liked Katy. Katy, rushed downstairs to breakfast, she did not want to get told off again. Slowly, she plodded down the stairs; looking at the floor. Her father, Tom Johns, had gone missing after being captured and brought to war camp. The globe was all she had left of him, and now it had disappeared. She had placed on the beside table the night before and had fell asleep gazing at it, and today of all days it had vanished. She would never forget his last words “Do what your instincts tell you” He had said, the night the war began.


Katy was just about to burst into tears when she heard a familiar sound like a distant bark. “Arlo is that you?”                                                            The brown and white mechanical dog ran into the room. He whiskers twitched with excitement, wet nose dripping with water, fur standing on end. “Give me a wind up, will you? I’ve been running for days, nights even weeks!” He handed her the key, that by now had gone bronze with rust. Dust was crumbling all over it, and very gently Katy wound up the mechanimal; slowly in the hole that had been placed in the middle of his backside.


Katy was so engrossed with the new arrival that she did not notice James walk right into her. James was Katy’s only human friend, he understood her feelings whether she was happy, sad, worried or excited. She stared at James then at the floor. He was covered with dust, must have got on Mrs Soot’s bad side again. Still even with this boy looking like a ball of dust, her gaze didn’t leave the wall.

“Hey, what’s up old girl? Oh, it’s your father’s globe, isn’t it?” James inquired.                                                                                                                                            Slowly, Katy raised her head and nodded. The Snow Globe had meant a lot to her, with it’s old fashioned clock face in the middle, and white feathers that slowly drifted down from the sky of the globe, like buzzards hovering waiting to catch their pray.


“Well, there’s no time to lose then is there? You shall find it right away.” Said Arlo, hopefully. Both children nodded their heads in agreement, excitement and curiosity. “But Arlo will have to stay here, and alert us if anyone notices our disappearance.” Katy remarked.                                                                                                        James agreed, and so both with a rucksack full of supplies, a body full of hope and smiles that were full of doubt, they set off. Adventure had begun…

Visit the land of Never-safe

Visit Never-safe

Yes, visit the land of Never-safe and enjoy our breath-taking activities.


Are you ever bored at the weekend? Do you and your friends long for excitement? If so then come visit Never-safe.


Marvel at magical monsters up close.

Surf the daily tsunamis.

Reach for the stars when you climb Mount Ever-best.

Experience weekly earth quakes.

Admire our active volcano -only available until January 31st


In the Magical Maze you will:

Lose yourselves in the maze’s magic;

Find an “exciting” surprise at every twist and turn;

Overcome tricky obstacles;

Avoid hidden traps;

Solve the sphinx’s impossible riddle to get to the centre.

*warning may never come out, enter at your own risk


Just of the shore of Never-safe, you can surf the daily tsunamis. Many of our survivors have become professional surfers. ‘It was a wild and brilliant ride, I enjoyed it greatly.’ Said Lucy Tutting, an Olympic surfer.


Book your visit today at: www/Visit Never-safe.com

*Your safety is not guaranteed


Shimmer Island

Are you ever bored at the weekends? Do you wish for something more exciting than lying on your couch? Why not visit Shimmer Island – your wishes could come true!


Be amazed by Seven Dwarves mine.

Gasp at the sight of our outdoor glacial pool.

Admire the shining seas of Moonlight Bay.

Lounge in the rooms of an excellent 5-star hotel.

Marvel at the view from the Opal Mountains.


In Canary Caves, you will have hours of fun as you explore every corner of the cave. You will be able to:

  • use our fantastic portable microscopes to analyse structures of crystals you find;
  • get coaching from expert caveologists;
  • learn to tell fake gems from the canary yellow jewels that are scattered around the edge of the cave;
  • know how to be safe in caves by wearing proper safety equipment.


Many people that have visited Canary Caves have become successful scientists. Professor John Doe remarked “It is vital to go to Shimmer Island if you want to learn about crystal structures.”


To find out how to get tickets, please visit:



*no safety insurance provided

Lego Land Candy World Doodle dot Hotel/Resort



If you visit Lego Land Candy World western doodle dot hotel/resort I guarantee it will be the best time of your life!

Are you bored of your typical swimming pool in your back garden? Yes- come visit Lego Land Candy World for an overwhelmingly fun trip to the Wonderful Waterpark of Joy!    Are you a big fan of sea life? Yes- why not visit Lego Land Candy World and get mesmerized by the beautiful sea life! Are you an Animal lover? Yes- come to Lego Land Candy World’s Zooming Zoo!


  • Get to experience intense rides that toss you around and turn you upside down;
  • Spin endlessly on our spinning sphere of laughter;
  • Go for a ride on our magnificent mini roller coaster for children under the age of 7!


Eddie Ledward claims that, “The magnificent mini rocker coaster was so much fun! I think my 6-year-old son enjoyed it the most though.”

Ian Dolson reports that, “The Spinning Sphere of Laughter was a once in a lifetime opportunity for fun!”

There are also plenty of candy stores and Lego stores to buy unending fun or sugar rushes from. 20% off in 2021!

Did I mention there is a change for you to get 75% off on all purchases if you go to our website, www.LLCandyWorld.co.doodle.dot, and enter your details and you’ve got your self an AMAZING deal.

Contact us at 077708841478 for any assistance.


Twilight Land

Twilight Land


Visit our Twilight Land and all your dreams will come true!


Are your children always bored at the weekends? Ever want your kids to stop playing video games? Want to have the best time in your life? Well then visit our fabulous world in England! Our land has our own beach and is eco-friendly!


Majestic Midnight Movies that you can watch any time.

Admire the beach in our 5-star hotel!

Design your own accessories and bags in our gift shop.

Be amazed at our glorious water park where you can have free swimming lessons!


In our water park your children and yourself have the best chance to:

  • Use the world’s fastest water slide;
  • Have free swimming lessons;
  • Learn how to use one of our water bikes;
  • Let your children with our employees so you can have your dream time in our private pool;
  • Play mini games with other friends.


Our hotel is 50% off until 2022 begins and if you design your own accessories it will cost £10 for 5!

Rob Ahmad quoted,” I had the best experience here!”

Pie Corbett answered with, “Best place ever!”

If wanting more information our website is: http://www.Twilightland.co.uk





Have you ever wanted to go on holiday for half the price? I’m talking to you, parents!!

An island has no control over its wild life but it’s safe.

Basically, there are jelly flowers, milk mountains and so much to explore.  This is the place you’ve been waiting for.  Also, there is big, juicy, delicious fruit.

They say that some aliens had dropped down and made it feel like home.  Good thing, there was nobody living there!

This is the information we have from saints all over the world.

Back to now! Wr have hot tubs for the kids and the grownups for any one –

especially you!


This area has so much to see.  Animals like:

  • Aa amazing spaceaphant –  a rare creature that likes to spend most of its time on EARTH;


  • An acraff – a creacha that is able to speak any language  like English;


  • A ontigun – part hippo part baoon and is super friendly;


These are just some of many different animals you can explore.

Especially mango sorbet mounting and gorgeous fruit.


“This is the place to be!” said Flo, the scientist.


BOOK NOW at       island . com

Welcome to the Land of Everlasting Thoughts

Welcome to the Land of Everlasting Thoughts


Here it is! The most relaxing place on earth. You won’t believe how soothing it is.  Its great for all families!

Is your life crazy and stressed? Are your children longing for a holiday? Why not visit the Land of The Everlasting Thoughts! Its an amazing place to kick back and relax!


Unwind all of your worries at Wolina Bay, which has sand like the colour of caramel.

Cool off in the emerald-green sea.

Lounge in our Blissful Beach Bar.

Dine at our Floating Pontoon, which you can get a jet ski ride to.

Let your kids experience the Wondrous Water Park.


On the rolling river you can float through the rainforest passing our magnificent mammals and plants:

~ Giggling Gorillas, which lay by a palm tree snickering in their sleep;

~  Calming Chocolate Tree, which speaks words like melting caramel;

~ The Blissful Butter Tree, which shines in the light of day.

~ The Fabulous Flamboyant Flamingo, whose beautiful pink fur glows vibrantly!


The rolling river is where your thoughts and imaginations come to life. When you come to the entrance, you shall be welcomed by our wonderful workers. After that, you will be handed a float! You can get a 1-seater (£13.15), 2seater (£15.19), 3-seater (£20.00) or a 5-seater (£31.46). Once you have received your floaty, you shall be placed in the luscious water. The time it takes to get across the river in total, is 25mins! Once you have reached the end of the river our kind caretakers shall help you if you need any help. The rolling river is a great place to relax and its great for all families.


*Although we advise you to not take under 2yr olds on the river*.


At the wonderous water park, your kids can go free! While they experience the best moment ever, you can lay back and relax. You don’t need to worry about your children! You can book a nanny to look after them. There are many rides, scary rides and rides suitable for younger children. If your children start getting hungry, you can stop off at our ‘Snack and Go’ restaurant! It’s a quick and easy place to dine.

“Mind-blowing place!” exclaimed Skye Brown, after encountering The Land Of Everlasting Thoughts.


Come and visit the Land of Everlasting Thoughts, ‘where all of your dreams and imaginations come to life’


The Winter Wonder Park


The Winter Wonder Park is below Antarctica, so it is cold and the other side is as hot as a desert. As well, the hot side has a water park and the cold side, has snowmen, with bright orange carrots, brighter than the sun. The Winter Wonder Park is either really hot or really cold – it does not have a normal temperature at all, but the people don’t care because it is so much fun!


Here are some of the fun things you can do.  You can:

  • go on the biggest water slide of your life;
  • have magical snow fights every Friday;
  • slide from the hot to the cold part over a rainbow.




Beauty Island.

Visit Beauty island, for you won’t believe the beauty you will find.

Are you getting tired of your children? Do you need a break from humanity? Well then, I think you need a trip to Beauty Island! Well you can …

. Lie in the sun on the golden sand beaches.

. Visit our humid rainforests, where you can find our spare (it’s like a steam room.)

Go on wild life safari trip, and see all sorts of magical creatures. Professional safari agent Dr Worn said “this safari trip was magical”

Go to a place where you and your children can go, in hot tubs and lids!

Come to Beauty island!



(your safety is not guaranteed)


Visit The Land of Light


Visit The Land of Light today and discover the fun, that is waiting to be found, for all the family!!!


Do your family ever get bored at the weekend?  Are you longing for some excitement? Do you need a fun break?  Well if you are, we have got the perfect place for you here!


Be exited at wonders, wonderful water world.

Scream with joy at Roles-Royce Roller-Coaster.

Have great fun at Splashes Swimming pool.

Be amazed in the Super Souvenir shop.

Let your tasted buds light up with joy at the sun cafe.


At Splashes Swimming pool all the family can learn to swim like an expert, whilst having so much fun! You can:

  • have coaching from a expert;
  • use our new F286 water slides;
  • learn to do all the strokes;
  • learn how to dive;
  • learn how to do a tumble turn;
  • get taught all the safety procedures;
  • have so much fun.

Splashies swimming pool is were your dreams come true.


Come to The Land of Light today and let all your worries drift away!!!!!!!!