Twilight Land

Twilight Land


Visit our Twilight Land and all your dreams will come true!


Are your children always bored at the weekends? Ever want your kids to stop playing video games? Want to have the best time in your life? Well then visit our fabulous world in England! Our land has our own beach and is eco-friendly!


Majestic Midnight Movies that you can watch any time.

Admire the beach in our 5-star hotel!

Design your own accessories and bags in our gift shop.

Be amazed at our glorious water park where you can have free swimming lessons!


In our water park your children and yourself have the best chance to:

  • Use the world’s fastest water slide;
  • Have free swimming lessons;
  • Learn how to use one of our water bikes;
  • Let your children with our employees so you can have your dream time in our private pool;
  • Play mini games with other friends.


Our hotel is 50% off until 2022 begins and if you design your own accessories it will cost £10 for 5!

Rob Ahmad quoted,” I had the best experience here!”

Pie Corbett answered with, “Best place ever!”

If wanting more information our website is:


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