How to look after a food unicorn

How to look after a Food unicorn

Has someone given you a pet Food unicorn? Well your in luck because I am going to tell you how to look after one.

What you need:

-fluffy mattress

-comfy cushion

-soft blanket





-space as big as a swimming pool

-hot chocolate

-warm water 5*c

-edible soap


First, purchase burgers, crisp, donuts and waffles from a supermarket because it is it’s favourite food.

Next, retrieve a fluffy mattress, comfy cushion and a soft blanket for it to sleep on.

Then, run it a bath with edible soap or water that is 5*c or higher.

After that, make it a drink of hot chocolate to warm it up because this creature gets cold a lot.

Afterwards, locate a swimming pool and let it swim for half a hour.

Finally, exercise your pet by taking it on 1 hour walkers and read it a book for 2 hours.


If you don’t follow these steps carefully it will try and bite you.


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