What are

What are dull?

A tiny old  burnt pistol left to burn in a flaming chard bonfire,an ancient smashed game disk left in a rotted draw and a rusty watch left out in the raid to rust.

What are shiny?

Freshly made piece of plastic glistening in the sun ,a shiny tiny pocket knife left in a survival store and a new unpainted car being paint in the garage.

What are soft?

A little teddy bear brown  with tiny beaded eyes, the gray bottom of a whiteboard rubber that is fluffy and soft. Melted chocolate in a cookie laying on a baking tray.

What are rough?

The black gritty path next to someone house

One Response to “What are”

  1. This is an amazing piece of work keep the good work up.However gave you an idea for this poem? What you could improve however is saying maybe for the cookies like the smell filled your lungs!

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