What is…?

What is cold?

Maleficent’s cold, cruel heart, Mackenzie Hollister’s icy blue eyes, and the tippity-top of Mount Everest.

What is new?

A brand new car, a fresh fridge full of food and a tiny baby kitten meowing for the first time.

What is old?

The oldest person on earth, an ancient book shrouded in mystery, and  old clothes shoved to the back of your wardrobe.

What is bright?

The glow of the sun in the morning, the golden shine of a newly won trophy and the sparkle of sugar.

What is dark?

An evil black coffee, darkness running through witches veins, and a black cat giving you bad luck.

One Response to “What is…?”

  1. I love how you have put maleficent’s cold, cruel heart and ancient book shrouded in mystery! Maybe you could name the car like a Ferrari car.

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