What is bright?

What is cold? Malicious Maleficent’s icy cold heart, my leopard gecko’s blood and an Eskimo’s ruby , red cheeks.   What is hot?  The streaks of sunlight beaming through the window, a stolen lime Lamborghini roaring down the A52 and jamming ghost peppers jumping in the fridge.  What is dull?   A muddy moor every step you take a squelch, an old textbook covered in cobwebs and an old car rusting at the second.         What is bright? A cheerful dog bouncing up and down, an art piece glowing in your eyes and tiny pixels flashing in your face.   What is rough? My loan horse Gypsy’s hard hooves, a Geography exam grinding your brain and the tip of my cat Batman’s tongue.  What is smooth? My dog Benji’s pristine coat , the base of my wooden dining table and my brand new riding boots glimmering with polish. What is important?   terrific trees giving us oxegen, family members gathering round to celebrate and our pets smiling up at us after a long, hard day. what isn’t important? getting everything correct, having loads of money and being famous for something your not proud of.

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