Evercity At Risk By Lily H

It’s difficult to imagine a world without our beloved Evercity Island. Unfortunately, the island is facing challenges never before heard of and we need your help to ensure a safer life for all our fuzzy friends.

Starflowers are drying out without the stars and moon to light up the night sky. The smoke from factory’s has now invaded our most memorable landmark and this is causing havoc amongst the animal community. White Stripe berries are choking and causing a screeching festival, bursting everyone’s eardrums.Sadly, Evercity Island is facing decimation as you and your minions are damaging its exotic beauty. 73.5% of the land is fading away due to pollution and the other 26.5% is barely scraping by since each day yields tougher conditions. The  Pineapple Jaguar (among many other species) is bordering extinction. Would you enjoy knowing your probably the last survivor of your species? Machinery’s fumes are intoxicating the environment and The Evercity Land Protection Society (ELPS) is imploring you to stop fuelling your own needs. Tourists are observing that the land is dying. Consequently, cruise ticket sales are plummeting. Anymore provocation and it will snap and die. It has been discovered that there are many oil spills and people are assuming you have a hand in this despicable act. Banana trees are withering and Evercity citizens are lost without the staple of their diet. As a result, a sacred part of Evercity culture, that dates back years will be destroyed, causing chaos. This ends immediately . If we join forces now, we may save Evercity and ensure our world stays green. Sign our petition today and join the campaign! You will be our 10,000th signature. Remember: Every little helps. Contribute today and save the planet.


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