Save EverLever

It’s hard to imagine the land of EverLever being decimated. Only you can help keep this beautiful island alive with all the amazing animals and plants on it. This island is under threat and only you can help us, are you up for the challenge?

The moon crocodile is a animal of EverLever that entertains people with skills that other crocodiles can’t do such as doing a handstand, flips and much more. But sadly this fantastic crocodile is soon on extinction due to the amount of rubbish on the island. The ocean is picking up rubbish and shoving it on the island which is why we have so much. Do you want this amazing beast to be extinct?

Lots of gorgeous plants of EverLever are dying due to the lack of water on the island. You can make difference by collecting water supplies and delivering them to the island, we have people on the island who get delivered your water supplies so the can give water to the lovely plants.

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