Cookie Island in Perilous Plight SAVE THE COOKIES!!!!!!!

Cookie Island in Perilous Plight  

By Sophia Holmes


It’s hard to imagine a world without Cookie Island Because it is a wonderful place. There’s rivers of milk, crumbling caverns, what’s not to love!!! It’s so special because it has our rare flower, the Cookie pop flower!!


Unfortunately, our land is starting to crumble!!! Evil Enchantress Cookie is taking over , defeating our cookies and making our land a horrible place, chopping down our cookie dough trees!!!   Her army is  draining our milk rivers!!  Using their suction devices! They are after our flower, the oh so great Cookie pop Flower.


Please save us after our heroes that were made with special soul jam. Dark cacao cookie, White lily cookie,Hollyberry cookie, Cream cheese cookie and Vanilla cookie got crushed. We are nothing. So please help before it’s too late we are crumbling. We need you to be our heroes.


Best of luck,

-Pancake Cookie


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