Help Scania island Benjamin SWW

​Can you think of a world without the Scania islands? You need to help save the incredible habitats and culture! If you don’t it will have a dramatic end.

The history at Scania island is Crucial because it allows the island to have life. Alarmingly, too much is taken so the island might be plunged into total darkness and all the incredible life will be extinct! So help get this history back into the secret chambers on the island. We need brave explorers to find the written history. Are you up to the task? Sadly, the island is darkening already so be quick!

The ​gold mined on Scania is used to make reusable fuels that erect zero Pollution. However, the gold is being mined and taken to other universes to be tested and adapted. Sadly, this is ruining the islands automobile because we are being forced to insert petrol. The old gold can’t be fuel since it hase been adjusted to a engine braker.

We need you to help us stop this happening! If you don’t help this island might never see a nother day. Why wait? Act now!
If you find any one with this, they will be imprisond for life.


The c​ulture on this island is blazing with colour and beauty. Sadly, illegal defrostation people are destroying the island if you don’t help the citzens will not be nourished wich means they will die!


​It is obvious that we cannot let birdbrained people to steal the history? So help get all this back and this island will not be destroyed.

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