Planet Lava

Planet Lava is being destroyed, ​it is crucial that we stop this from happening. Sadly the strongest trees are being cut by illegal loggers, which is wiping out the habitat of all the Lava wildlife. We urge you to help us.
We propose ​when the loggers are caught the consequences are a term of imprisonment,they will be sentenced to life in prison.
​Fire Crystals,which are vital Lava Rhino food, are disappering at an amazing rate,it`s hard to imagine the Lava Rhino will be extinct if this keeps happening. It is not acceptable that visitors are plucking the fire crystals from the fire crystal trees, causing them to explode
We belleve that the only way to stop this state of affairs is to put a ban on visitors entering the Lava Rhino compounds.
Without a doubt we need to save forests and the Lava Rhinos. We must put these plans into action immediately​.

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  1. Good Job
    1.I like the fire crystals
    2.a lot of good spellings and loads of writing
    3.keep up with the writing

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